As a separate structure of Gerlionti Group (GG) GERLIONTI is one of the most experienced Member in the field of providing individual, tailor-made services, offering high-quality Concierge Services and investment solutions.

Gerlionti Group was established in the year of 2014 as a Financial Services Club with entrance of Members only to assist them to achieve their financial stability and development while GERLIONTI with its headquarters in Warsaw, Poland was founded in the year of 2015 as a Concierge Services Company (CSC) for every customer, large and small to assist them to achieve their financial stability and development. We provide our services to the leading industry companies and private individuals.

To secure the highest level of services we are keeping up-to-date with world’s financial news as well as we attract the best experts from each financial field. Some of our experts are keeping their own traditions in finances and banking since 1910 as a family heritage.

Having branches worldwide we can ensure to provide the best financial solutions for our clients.

GERLIONTI pays special attention to the compliance with the corporate governance principles by establishing open and confidential relationships with its customers, partners, employees, shareholders and other involved parties on a day-to-day basis as well as ensuring compliance with the norms of international laws and ethical standards.


EMPATHY - we build relationships based on trust and care for others.

HONESTY - we tell the truth, communicate clearly and deliver on our promises.

EXCELLENCE - we seek quality in everything we do and accept accountability.

PROFESSIONALITY - we always work only with experts.

CONFIDENTIALITY - our activities are based on the Code of Ethics, Confidentiality and Privacy Policy.


The competent and solid team of professionals, many-year experience of contemporary financial, legal and technological solutions is behind the successful operation and performance of different legal and financial institutions of GERLIONTI GROUP.

GERLIONTI aims at the development, constant knowledge acquisition and customers’ capital growth.

GERLIONTI proudly cooperates with partners who represent the legal and financial consulting companies, as well as asset managers and banking institutions.

We are offering to our clients services of wide range which includes:

• Accounting, auditing, due diligence services;
Legal and financial advice;
Money services under Financial Institution’s license;
Consultations in commodity trading business;
Supervising and organizing of large deals;
Company acquisition, merging, and selling;
Concierge services (transport, airplane and yacht arrangement);
Acquisition and sales of bankrupt company assets;
Organizing valuation of precious metals and stones, and monitoring of transactions.


Our offices are located in Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Scotland, Georgia, Hong-Kong and Singapore

Our group of professionals in above mentioned countries equipped with deep industry knowledge in various market sectors and the best practice tools to
deliver seamless, consistent and high-quality professional services to public and private sector clients. We employ as outsourcing experts number of highly qualified experts from different countries and different market sectors, that helps us to have professional experts everywhere and in every field.

Gerlionti builds a business relationship and tries to provide a professional services to clients from all around the world. Currently the majority of our clients are from Europe, CIS countries and Asia.

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